GROUP REGISTRATION: Why is it important?

Here in the Pacific Northwest our “Women Together” group is an arm of the international “Empowered Women” organization.

Many women face deep challenges today. Our hearts go out to those women and children who have been enslaved by human and sex trafficking around the globe. Much of this takes place right here in the United States. We can no longer just sit and do nothing! For the year of 2017 the Pacific Northwest District Women’s Ministry will be raising funds and promoting awareness for the “Rescue Her” organization. Please check out their website at and become informed! Please send an email if you would like to get involved!



PNW District Women’s Director: Kari Lineberry

Raised in the small town of Pierce, Idaho Kari Lineberry grew up among the mountains and the trees. She married her high school sweet heart, Kelly, and they settled in the upper Clearwater Valley of Idaho where they have pastored and raised their two girls, Kelsy and Kristen. She now has six grandchildren, Canyon, Brooke, Syringa, Nic, Cache and Dominic.

Kari’s hobbies include sewing, cooking and music. She is partner and co-owner of KD Resources (, a small business designed to resource educators both Christian and secular. Up until 2016 Kari was a Children’s Pastor. She is gifted in communicating with the younger generation in teaching, facilitating and writing curriculum. For several years she wrote, produced and directed children’s musicals performed in her church and throughout the northwest.

Kari is also trained in accounting and bookkeeping with a focus on helping non-profit organizations, keeping accurate records and knowing tax laws. She is currently employed by two non-profit organizations and volunteers for many others.

Kari is an ordained minister and for 30 years pastored The Life Center PCG with her husband in Kamiah, Idaho. Kelly is currently the Bishop of the Pacific Northwest District of the Pentecostal Church of God. She is also founder of Women Together, an organization of caring women in the northwest. She is a strong believer that ordinary people can do extra ordinary things. She speaks to inspire ordinary people like herself to do what can’t be done knowing that “with God all things are possible”. Check out Kari’s vlogs to women on Youtube at kari.lineberry where she uses everyday examples to inspire woman to move in a forward direction to God.

Recently, Kari has served as the secretary for the 2015 Wildfire Unmet Needs Committee of Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis Counties (WUNCCIL) in north central Idaho. This is the long-term recovery group for the 2015 Firestorm that hit Kamiah, Idaho and destroyed 75 homes and damaged many others so that they were uninhabitable, including her own. She worked with the initial case management and distribution center for the survivors and helped administrate the immediate recovery. She was given the “Spirit of Idaho” award by Senator Mike Crapo for her outstanding work on the recovery effort in Kamiah.

Since the Firestorm 2015 she has been invited to speak in several areas concerning disaster recovery. Recently she traveled to Saipan, working with FEMA and the Mennonite Disaster Service on rebuilding the island after a typhoon.

Her life’s message is that of unconditional love and service. “Christ has given to us his all” she says, “and we, in turn, owe it to Him to give it to others.” She believes that if you can reach past the outward behaviors of people and touch their hearts then you can reach them for Christ.

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