Our goal is to Exalt the Lord, Evangelize the World, and Edify the Church.  Our desire is to ‘come alongside’ and be a friend to your destiny.  Our strong passion is to ‘grow healthy leaders that will grow healthy churches’. We are a Fellowship of churches in the Pacific Northwest connected with the Pentecostal Church of God and we invite you to join our team.

The PNW (Pacific Northwest) ‘R’s

We want to keep our plan simple! Remember the ‘R’s of education:  ‘readin’ (reading), ‘riten’ (writing), and ‘rithmetic’ (arithmatic), well the PNW ‘R’s are composed of:

  • Reconnecting * Reconnecting through our Leadership Networks. * Reconnecting through communicative and teaching CD’s. * Reconnecting through the website (pnwpcg.org), Pod-cast.
  • Resourcing * Resourcing through website (pnwpcg.org). * Resources such as funerals, weddings, baby dedications, events. * Visit our Resource connection on our home-page.
  • Refreshing * Refreshing through ‘Rejuvenate’ Women’s Conference. * Refreshing through ‘Summer Camp’. * Refreshing through ‘Homecoming’. * Refreshing through ‘Iron Man’ Men’s Conference. * Refreshing through ‘Impact Northwest’ Conference.
  • Refocusing * Refocusing: the following is a brief explanation of how we are accomplishing and implementing our simple plan of ‘R’s, how we plan and desire to assist you in refocusing on your mission and purpose: * Refocusing through personal phone calls, letters, website, Leadership Network, imparting of information (Conferences).
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