Kelly & Kari in Brazil

  • We were part of a great team in Brazil! Dwayne and Janna Deskins were the team leaders and we had Lyle and Deloris King from Oregon as well as Kelly and Bridgett Roades from Missouri. Brazil has been in the middle of an amazing revival for a couple decades now! We went to the MDA Conference in Santareim and that was an amazing experience. This is led by Abe Huber, a missionary’s kid who has been a huge part of Brazil’s revival. The church there seats 6000, they are building an addition for another 8000, they have 55,000 in life groups and over 25,000 in weekend services … all in a city or 200,000 people! They see their biggest fruit in cell groups where they evangelize, disciple and train leaders.
    Then we went back to Manaus with our PCG hosts. We preached in several churches there and  spoke at their first District Men’s Conference. The ladies on the team did several Women’s Ministry meetings and were a great blessing to the people of Brazil! Our churches there are amazing. They are powerfully impacting their cities and the rural areas with the gospel. They are experiencing many miracles of resources, salvations, and transformations. They are so passionate about ministry, God and people! The Amazon region is beyond description. All we knew, read and saw on TV did little to prepare us for the beauty and size of the region.
    They honored us so much because of the missionaries the PCG had sent in the past that taught them about Jesus and trained them in the ministry. We will be going back again next fall. Let us know if you would like to join the team!

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